Jungle Gaze / 15x30" / Acrylic on Canvas / 2015

Outside / 48x36" / Oil on Canvas / 2012

Inside / 48x36" / Oil on Canvas / 2012

Air / 36x36" / Oil on Canvas / 2012

Assorted Chaos / Mixed Media / 2012

Where the Earth Meets the Body (2012-15)

This series of paintings is about moving through life and all that we see, feel, internalize and create along the way. Inspired by patterns in nature, textiles and the human form, the abstractions are a search for balance in chaos, inner strength, tranquility, and forward movement. My goal with each painting is to create an experience for my viewers to move through with their eyes, their bodies, their memories and their imaginations. In creating this safe space for exploration, I am able to heal and move forward in my own journey. 10.20.12