Change Your View / Acrylic on Canvas / 41.5x44.5” / 09.2017

Sacred Trigonometry / Oil & Acrylic on Canvas / 18x24” / 2017

Electric / Acrylic on Canvas / 16x20” / 10.2017

Untitled / Oil & Acrylic on Canvas / 24x48” / 08.2017

Mountain Light / Acrylic on Canvas / 18x24” / 11.2017

Eagle Eye Innocence / Acrylic on Canvas / 20x24” / 12.2017

Inner Stream / Acrylic on Canvas / 16x20” / 07.2017

Chakras Align / Acrylic & Ink on Canvas / 30x24” / 10.2017

Dance Fire / Acrylic on Canvas / 11x14” / 2017

Chaos Makes the Heart Grow Fonder / Acrylic on Canvas / 32x28” / 10.2017

Cosmic Spin / Acrylic on Canvas / 18x24” / 02.2018

Untitled / Acrylic on Canvas / 8x10” / 2017

Untitled / Acrylic on Canvas / 11x14 / 2017

Rainbow is My Favorite Color / Acrylic on Canvas / 22x28” / 07.2017

Yes / Acrylic on Canvas / 12x12” / 8.2017

Change Your View (2017)

This series is a shmorgisboard of triumph, a scattering of delight. An opportunity to feel, to dance and to take flight. They are, in and of themselves, a repurposing of old energy. A letting go of the past, an invitation to a world anew. Each painting in this series was once a completely different image, obliterated by new ideas; a burst of positive energy. The transformational process of painting over past work was a healing for me. I surrendered to the solutions beyond what I had known as my former self and allowed imagination to reign, creating a whole new world to look at: a change of view. The resulting paintings are an opportunity for the transformation from stale or stagnant energy, to that of dance, play, freedom and light to transfer itself unto you, so that you feel fresh and renewed in its presence. The series before you represents the power we each hold in our own hands to change our own lives. They serve as a reminder to shake things up when you’re feeling stuck, to play with the endless possibilities before you, and to realize your full potential as the creator of your own experience.