Love Flows Like Water / 12x12” / Acrylic on Wood Panel / 09.2018

Creation Cure / Acrylic on Canvas / 12x16” / 08.2018

Chameleanity / Acrylic on Canvas / 12x16” / 08.2018

The Light Within / Acrylic on Canvas / 10x10" / 09.2018

Cosmic Craig / Acrylic on Canvas / 16x20” / 12.2017

Rainbow Vision / 36x48” / Acrylic on Canvas / 03.2018

The Disruption Theory / Acrylic on Canvas / 24x48” / 2018

Love Moves in from All Directions / Acrylic on Canvas / 48x24” / 2018

Envision (2017-Present)

I participate in the process of creation in order to transform, heal, and sanctify my own energy and the energies I dance with on this beautiful journey of life. When emotions overwhelm, I know I can always work it out in the breathes between brushstrokes, in the stillness between each step. I show my work and process in order to bring the power of these healing practices to others, to lovingly connect us all in our humanity.